Protein and clenbuterol

It’s the body’s building block — but it has vital roles even if you’re not pumping your pecs

Protein is absolutely essential for life, playing an invaluable role in nearly all your body’s major functions, including repairing muscles and controlling hormones.


Proteins are big molecules made up of chains of amino acids, with each protein containing different amounts and combinations. There are about 23 amino acids, which can be mixed together to form hundreds of different proteins in combination with Sopharma clenbuterol for weight loss that you can buy from this online shop. While we’re able to make some of them ourselves, there are nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t manufacture and are only available to us through our diet.


Protein represents 20 per cent of your body weight, on average. It’s present in every single cell in the body with muscles, organs, enzymes, skin and hair all largely made from protein. Our body tissues are constantly breaking down and re-growing and protein is the fuel that powers this process. The body doesn’t store protein like it does fat and clen dosage, so it needs continually replenished supplies. Amino acids are also needed to manufacture adrenaline and insulin and regulate the metabolism.


Experts are undecided as to exactly how much we should be eating, although the current recommended daily intake for men aged 19-50 is 55.5g every day. You can work out exactly how much you need by multiplying your weight in kilograms by 0.75. Most people hit this target easily but if you do one hour or more of exercise a day, you will need to increase this by multiplying your body weight in kilograms by 1-1.2, depending on the intensity and the clen cycle.



Red meat may symbolize protein in many people’s minds, but egg protein is actually the most readily-absorbed form and there are many other protein-rich foods. Nutritionists divide these foods into two groups: high-quality protein foods and low-quality. The former contain all nine of the essential amino acids needed by the body to repair and grow tissue when you cut weight with clenbuterol. These include eggs, meat, fish, milk and dairy products. Low-quality protein provides some, but not all, of the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts to meet bodily requirements. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat meat or eggs because combinations of low-quality proteins, such as baked beans on toast, can supply all the essential amino acids. These combinations should contain two of these three groups: pulses, grains, and nuts and seeds.


Excessive amounts of protein can leach calcium from the body and cause kidney damage. You won’t get bigger muscles simply by guzzling protein – you need to lift a lot of weight and eat from all the food groups too. Low-carb, high-protein diets fatigue the body, which cannibalizes muscle proteins, releasing ketones that then lead to health problems.

Holiday Calories



You’re probably struggling out from under the duvet with a hangover rather than leaping out of bed in excitement over the new bike that’s waiting for you under the Christmas tree. But tradition insists that you join your family for a portion of scrambled egg (170 calories) and two pieces of smoked salmon (60 cals). You may only have been up for five minutes, but your dad’s pouring you a glass of Champagne, so that’s another 89 calories. And don’t forget the two slices of toast with butter, which adds another 200 calories. You’ll probably reach for the coffee to wake you up, but with milk that’s only 14 calories.


It’s not long since breakfast and lunch isn’t far away, but the neighbours have popped around, bringing with them a fresh wave of Christmas cheer and a bottle of wine, which is ‘mulled’ by your dad who’s entering into the Christmas spirit with tremendous zeal.
You can’t resist the mince pies, which contain 185 calories each as well as five tablespoons of sugar, which you wash down with a couple of glasses of the mulled wine (490 cals). You absent-mindedly pick at the peanuts (151 cals) and munch on a couple of cheese straws (82 cals) while trying to look interested as Bob the neighbour drones on about his garden.
Calories: 908
Treadmill time: 67 minutes



The family are gathered around the table, all wearing paper hats and laughing at appalling cracker jokes, ready for the gluttonous feast that is Christmas lunch.
You pile up your plate with two slices of turkey with skin (225 cals), sausage-meat stuffing (185 cals), four roast potatoes (400 cals), bread sauce (50 cals), four roast parsnips (399 cals), two chipolatas wrapped in bacon (468 cals), cranberry sauce (60 cals), Brussels sprouts (35 cals), carrots (20 cals), cabbage (15 cals) and gravy (180 cals), all washed down with three glasses of wine (255 cals) and followed by Christmas pudding with a tablespoon of brandy butter (525 cals). Just as the Queen’s speech begins, out comes the coffee with a dash of cream (84 cals) – come on, it’s Christmas. As you settle down to unwrap your presents, the first box of chocolates is opened and you eat six (270 cals) while ripping open your gifts.


The sitting room is strewn with wrapping paper, your dad’s nodded off with his paper hat slipping over his eyes and it’s time for yet more food. Since your mum’s gone to the trouble of making the Christmas cake it would be rude not have a slice, even though that will add another 249 calories to your total. That chocolate log looks too good to resist and by now you’re past caring that it’s 240 calories a slice.

Fortunately the cup of tea with milk is 14 calories.


Ah yes, another hilarious Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special to enjoy and time for the first of what will be many rounds of turkey sandwiches at 215 calories a go. To that you add a hefty amount of stilton (232 cals), a slice of ham (28 cals), two pickled onions (eight cals), a handful of salad with French dressing (74 cals) and for good measure you add a dollop of pat6 (180 cals).
Calories: 737
Treadmill time: 55 minutes


It’s been a long, boozy, food filled-day, but just before you turn in, there’s time for a nightcap of malt whisky (48 cals). Your Christmas day calorie consumption adds up to a nightmarish 5,892 calories. That’s 437 minutes on a treadmill – or 51 miles!